Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sign of the Glove

"The Sign of the Glove"
2008 San Miquel, CA

A funny and sad thing - a single glove, or even as in the above case, a pair of gloves... that feel like single gloves.

A glove without a partner. A solitary glove. A glove without love. A lost glove. A glove with no owner. A trampled glove, run over while just laying there. To me, the lost glove always evokes something wistful and sad. But maybe I am completely wrong? Maybe these lost gloves are just 'signs'. Portents pointing to new pathways?

We take pictures of lost gloves. Why? Probably some of the above reasons, probably some that I haven't even thought of. I googled 'lost gloves' and came up with a wonderful site "Lost Glove" . I am so glad there are others that have feelings about lost gloves.

These are a couple of my lost gloves pictures. My thanks to my husband for recognizing the importance of photographing a lost glove as it is found. I intend to continue cataloging them as they come into my life.

"Worked to the Bone" Glove
2009 Paso Robles, CA

"I Wasn't Always Alone" Glove

2007 Carmel, CA

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I Don't Like about Myself....I Will See in You

As I walked out the door today I realized that the color of my sunglasses matched the color of my shoes. This made me inordinately happy. I told my husband, "Hon... my sunglasses match my shoes". I was happy.

But of course, my happy can't last long because I immediately had to figure out what it was about this particular matching sunglasses/shoes thing that made me so happy.

I realized I would have noticed this matching thing if it occurred on someone else. If YOU were walking down the street and had matching sunglasses/shoes, I surely would have noticed and I would have been happy about it too.

This then moved on to.... "Oh no.. so if I notice that my pants are too tight, I will notice if everyone else's pants are too tight also". Which led to: Whatever someone else noticed about themselves, they would surely notice about me.

So if someone hated how their hair always stuck in their shirt collar, they would always notice hair sticking in shirt collars on other people.

There is just no damn way any of us are ever going to be perfect! Either I will notice something I don't like about me and see it in you... or you will notice something you don't like about yourself and notice it in me...

oh woe :(

Now tell me how this whole train of thought went from something making me happy to something making me worry. In a matter of moments, the initial happy thought turned to shit.

I must work on this.