Thursday, May 14, 2009

It does take some forethought.....

So….. whenever i have to use a public restroom, i will veer towards the handicapped cubicle if no one in the line or outside seems to need to use it. I mean, it’s bigger…. i like bigger (in comparison to my knees touching the door when i sit down).

This ‘restroom’ had no one inside. i opened the door to the ‘handicapped’ cubicle, went in and took care of the business at hand…. then turned to get the toilet paper…. and there it was….. waaaaaaay over on the cubicle wall.

Now…. i am 5′9″ tall with long arms, hands and fingers, and i couldnt reach it…. no one, other then an orangatan could have reached it without first getting up.

Great planning folks…..