Saturday, September 27, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, i did! I mean, how many times in one's life, does one get to assist in a surgical procedure? (Vasectomy). I never knew i wanted to assist in a surgical procedure, but the set of circumstances that presented themselves last august when i started working part time, couldn't just be passed by... kwim?

For me, it's like being high. Not the high one gets from doing something dangerous and accomplishing it.... (the evil knievel's, the flagpole sitters, etc... that's not for me... i am a chicken shit)... but the chance/opportunity to do something i havent done before and to do it well... and the doing it well part is really important to me.

When i was younger i was accused of being 'spoiled'. I always took great umbrage at this. 'Spoiled' meant that i always got what i wanted and i knew that wasnt the case... not by a long shot. What DID occur was that when i really wanted something, i went and got it.... no if's, and's or but's about it. One of the readers of my blog has known me since i was about 17, i'll never forget her saying to me "jeez rachel, when you want something, you just go get it!". i always took this as a very great compliment. granted, some of the things i have wanted haven't always been in the best interest of myself (or of others)... but it was/is a most definite part of my personality.

so... the accomplishment of being able to assist, hands-on in a vasectomy was something that i had aimed for and succeeded at and got the "good job" pat-on-the-back from the doctor afterwards. i walked into the situation after some deep breaths, assuming the persona that i had done this a million times, my hands didn't shake, there was a smile on my face and i read the doctors signals as if i had been working with him for years! a goal reached... and now i will continue with this until i can't go any further.

i've already cut my teeth (my vampiric eye teeth) drawing blood... (just a bit out of practice).... the next procedure i will assist with is a Prostate Biopsy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little homage....

homage is not oatmeal.

the title of this blog came from the reaction a friend of mine had upon finding out i was working at a urologists office. he said the image of me with a penis in one hand and a pair of knitting needles in the other was just a tad too much.

it is a bit odd when you think about it.... but not really that odd for me.

approximately 10 years ago i decided that i would never do anything (for a job) that i had ever done before. to date, i've been able to keep my promise. so when i embarked on this adventure at the urologists office last year.... who knew that i would wind up assisting in vasectomies??????

well..... i believe tomorrow will be my first vasectomy... where i am the one assisting the doctor. i've seen plenty in the last couple of months, but i havent assisted.... so wish me luck....hmmmmm.. maybe you should wish the guy luck....?!?

actually i am very excited over this..... i have to dig out my long santa list paper and add these new found talents of mine........i'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The intent.............

The intent here is to chat, commiserate, cajole, make fun of, discuss, debate, argue about things that i think about. Of course it will be a bias discussion simply because it will be from my own perspective... but i invite any and all to talk, chat, converse etc., about whatever........

we shall see..................