Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little homage....

homage is not oatmeal.

the title of this blog came from the reaction a friend of mine had upon finding out i was working at a urologists office. he said the image of me with a penis in one hand and a pair of knitting needles in the other was just a tad too much.

it is a bit odd when you think about it.... but not really that odd for me.

approximately 10 years ago i decided that i would never do anything (for a job) that i had ever done before. to date, i've been able to keep my promise. so when i embarked on this adventure at the urologists office last year.... who knew that i would wind up assisting in vasectomies??????

well..... i believe tomorrow will be my first vasectomy... where i am the one assisting the doctor. i've seen plenty in the last couple of months, but i havent assisted.... so wish me luck....hmmmmm.. maybe you should wish the guy luck....?!?

actually i am very excited over this..... i have to dig out my long santa list paper and add these new found talents of mine........i'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I was there for my husband's...interesting procedure ;)

  2. it is interesting.... but i find the male responses to be even more interesting then the procedure itself. i'll let you know how tomorrow goes :)

  3. Leapin Lizards! You sure can find interesting jobs. Well, interesting from a distance. I don't think I'd be as interested in person. Do tell though, in great detail, how it all went. Do you plan to tell the ... patient ... that it is your first?

  4. if they aren't interesting, i really dont see any need to do them, kwim? i've been able to shadow several different types of procedures and i am actually amazed by them.... the human body from another perspective.

    as far as telling the patient....the doctor may tell the patient, i dont know. will i? hmmmm, probably not...

  5. i also nver want to go backwards in the jobs i choose (or stay at any too long). for the first time in my life i'm working full-time at my craft, have never worked harder (12-16 hour days are the norm) but have never been happier... i'm happy to get to know more about you (i'm a big fan of your work!)

  6. thank you island sweet :) last year (or was it the year before?), i spent the year at home creating... and i loved it too...and you are right... it is a harder job then one would suspect.