Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sign of the Glove

"The Sign of the Glove"
2008 San Miquel, CA

A funny and sad thing - a single glove, or even as in the above case, a pair of gloves... that feel like single gloves.

A glove without a partner. A solitary glove. A glove without love. A lost glove. A glove with no owner. A trampled glove, run over while just laying there. To me, the lost glove always evokes something wistful and sad. But maybe I am completely wrong? Maybe these lost gloves are just 'signs'. Portents pointing to new pathways?

We take pictures of lost gloves. Why? Probably some of the above reasons, probably some that I haven't even thought of. I googled 'lost gloves' and came up with a wonderful site "Lost Glove" . I am so glad there are others that have feelings about lost gloves.

These are a couple of my lost gloves pictures. My thanks to my husband for recognizing the importance of photographing a lost glove as it is found. I intend to continue cataloging them as they come into my life.

"Worked to the Bone" Glove
2009 Paso Robles, CA

"I Wasn't Always Alone" Glove

2007 Carmel, CA

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  1. That is so weird because I do the same thing. Gloves, umbrellas and dog poop.