Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Just Kidding"

I hate the use of that phrase.

My coffee has been made wrong and after I have paid and stood in line waiting, I am told "Just Kidding" when I ask for it to be corrected.

My change has been mis-counted and when I point out the mistake I receive a "Just Kidding".

The wrong price has been rung up at the register and when notified of the mistake I am told by the cashier "Just Kidding".

What the hell is so funny? So funny that you have to tell me that you were "Just Kidding"? Oh Oh I get werent kidding?!?!?! You made a mistake????? and instead of a "Sorry about that", you tell me "Just Kidding"?????

What an insidious little phrase this has become... and what does it really say? Does it say that you made a mistake and are embarrassed to admit it? Does it say that you aren't really going to take any responsibility for your actions? Yeah..... I think it does. It ranks right up there with "whatever" and "my bad", two other phrases I could do without.

So if I tell you that your response to me sucks and then look at you sweetly and say "Just Kidding" as I walk away, you'll understand, right?


  1. "Whatever my bad seemed to have been, i was just kidding." ...

    I think it "sucks" too. it somehow feels like an insult (or a devious psychological assault)...the subtext of "just kidding" is an implication that the act was done on purpose, with mischief in mind... tongue in cheek. it makes me wonder why a total stranger would think that i would find them fucking with me amusing.

    it did occur to me that these are aspiring stand-up comics just trying out material for their upcoming gig... just kidding!

  2. Wait.. I thought "Just kidding" was a get out of jail free card.

  3. Look those last two comments, I was just kidding.

  4. That one I was just kidding about.

  5. No seriously. But seriously. Honestly. In all honesty. To tell you the truth... wait does that mean I'm not always telling you the truth?
    Just kidding.

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