Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Art of NOT making a decision

in other words..... I really did follow my own advice. I shut the gremlins in my head down and went to work. At the very moment I went to talk to the person i needed to about 'the job', I decided that I wanted to do it. I then added that I would be willing to rearrange my schedule to accomodate 4 days a week, that I would expect a raise in pay (more responsibility, blah blah) and that I could not train any new employee they hired (no time, blah blah).

all was unbridled glee. yahoo.........yippee..... hooray

Human Resources called me. Yes, this is a 'real' corporation (ugh).... and we 'discussed'. Basically the 'discussing' was them wanting to know how much I wanted. For a 'real' corporation they are incredibly small in the realm of other 'real' corporations. It is a group of Urologists that have sewn up the market in our county. (More on 'our county' later).

I asked them to remember that I was a part-time employee, no paid vacation, no benefits etc. and to think about this and that I would look forward to their actual proposal and salary information.

Another phone call from HR. "We have to watch what we pay because of the 'other' employees". They came back with an increase of $.50!!!!!!!!!!!! To which I fell off my chair, started laughing and said "I will get back to you".

Other than writing a letter to HR explaining my surprise and disappointment and advising that 'other' employees wouldnt know what I made, that 'other' employees were NOT part-time and that 'other' employees received paid vacations and paid benefits, I asked "So... when will we be having my current review?" (so you can give me a $.50 increase?!?!" and I wont have to take on the new position).

SO... little did I know that I wanted to take the position until I said it, and little did I know that I wouldn't want the position until I heard what type of salary increase there would be.

Nuff said about worring about stuff before it happens.

I have a brain that needs to create. It also needs the other stuff too.... the organizing, the other type of 'work' and I switch back and forth pretty easily. So for now, things shall remain the same and we shall see what becomes of it......


  1. Wow, a whole .50. Did they honestly think that was good? And what the heck do other employees have to do with anything- I thought that kind of thing couldn't legally come into play. *headscratch*

  2. I'm so sorry--it's too bad they insulted you that way. Another lesson to live in the moment, I suppose. Your art is amazing to me--maybe you could take this as a sign to re-focus your energies on your creative side. All the best.

  3. Ok so let me get this straight (but sensitive) they didn’t put the wine in the coconut?