Saturday, October 11, 2008

Todays Interesting Tidbits

A few things i've found interesting today:

1. I am not sure why some things just make me laugh.... this one did, as well as her other video.... "Duelers".... check them both out....

monkey's butt is red from min oh on Vimeo.

2. On Monday I get to assist in a vasectomy on a porn 'star'. Oh...wait....'adult movie' star. I took a phone call last week and it was someone who said he would be coming in for a Vasectomy and wanted to know how long he would be out of 'commission'. I explained that he would be horizontal at least 24 hours (and the bag of frozen peas would be his new best friend) and after that he could go on to light activity as he felt able to. I suggested that he not go horseback riding or motorcycle riding. I then asked him what type of business he was in and he said "adult movies". So i told him he probably wouldn't want to go jiggling the goods right away. He sighed, sounded sad and we hung up.

3. I have been practicing my blood letting techniques :) Yesterday I spent most of the day drawing blood. I'm doing pretty well at it. For me it's awkward to stand over the patient while they sit. I would feel more comfortable if i were sitting too....maybe if I were shorter?


  1. I wonder why they make you stand to that? I've tagged you, Rachel: You can do this in either blog, or not at all ;o

  2. o my gosh your post just creeped me the heck out lol

  3. All funny and thought provoking! So, how tall are you? I think whenever I've given blood, the caretaker sat next to me. I'm tall, too. So, if you're a Rachel and you're tall, I'm a Rachel and I'm tall, therefore all Rachels=tall?

  4. hi Rachel (with a capital "R").. i'm 5'9"... and all legs. well i'm sure there is more to me then just legs, but the legs go from the ground to my neck, at least!

    I cracked up reading this.... why? when my son was little his very first joke was this: "mom, is your head round?". I replied, "yes". He then said, "mom, is a soccer ball round?". I replied, "yes". He then said, "Therefore, your head is a soccer ball."

    (that child has not changed muched!)