Friday, October 24, 2008

Off to work & a big decision.....

well.. it is monday and i am off to work. it's been a 3 day a week gig for the last 1 1/2 years but has recently started becoming 4 days a week. i have been creating my DreamWoven line for YEARS... and use to do it full time. I've been able to somewhat maintain the creative flow working 3 days a week and being creative for the 4 days i had in my studio.

I have now been offered a position as a 4 day a week M.A. (Medical Assistant). This will seriously cut into my creativeness. (see DreamWoven - A Taste of Different)

I would be working Mon, Tues, Wed. and Fri. I figure Thurs & Sats will be my recoup days and that only leaves Sun to work on the things i need to.

I love working as an M.A. but it is exhausting. I am on my feet the entire time and when i get home i am bone tired and my feet hurt. This old body doesnt bounce back the way it use to and the Hep C has a nasty habit of amplifying this type of tiredness. (I take very good care of this body now, so when this type of tiredness hits, it really knocks me for a loop).

I want to do it. I mean how often will i have this type of opportunity? especially at my age.

And the battle rages on... my internal gremlins battling out the pros and cons, trying to make a decision. They need to shut the hell up.

On most things I jump with 2 feet and make whatever the decision is going to be at the very last moment I need to. It has worked for me so far............ maybe I just need to not think about this and deal with it when it is time to have the conversation at work?

so, wish me luck on either making this decision or not making it.

(That's me.... weighing it out, making decisions.....oy)

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  1. Only you can decide what is best for you :). I work full time as a bartender/manager and then work like heck on my creative works at night. You can do it, but only if it stays fun.. Good luck!