Friday, October 24, 2008

You are Kidding Right? What does it all mean?

Since when did marriage need protection? Protection from what? I thought marriage was something between two people that loved each other.

Is there something threatening everyone who is married? Is there something I should be looking out for? Should I tell my husband?

Sounds like a terrorist scare. This is just down right stupid. If you believe marriage is between a man & a woman, that is great. How can your marriage (and your beliefs) need protection from someone that doesnt think the same way?

If there is anyone out there reading, who feels that THEIR marriage is threatened because of those that would vote NO on Prop 8, please please please tell me what horrible thing is going to happen to you. ok?


(Faith Stickers...hmmm that is an interesting concept)

and to just add to my rant above,.... i have a real problem with all those folks that feel the need (almost typed 'desperate need') to fly american flags from their cars and rooftops and plaster american flag stickers all over everything.

I've got ask... Who is it that you feel you need to tell that you are an american? Is there someone in your neighborhood that is not an american? someone you passed on the freeway that you know isnt an american? Is your flag flying statement something like "I fly my american flag because i'm american. You dont so I am going to question your americanism."?


  1. Yea, I've always wondered where the threat is myself. Armies of queers invading suburbia, stealing husbands and redecorating while they are there?

    I think some people just need someone to hate, we are it for now. Fear of the 'others' is a rallying cry, unfortunately it is very effective.

  2. sad but oh so true jonna....if the basis of their 'YES ON 8' is that it is against their beliefs, it must mean that they are afraid that something will sway their belief....

    i hate fear.... it frightens the shit out of me.

  3. Next... cats and dogs living together and adopting pentecostal gerbils... and pretty soon you won't even need ANY sex to live together in conniving bliss. and, oh, visions of politicized DNA strands and faith that you can stick on your lapel...hey wait a minute...FAITH=AMERICAN FLAG....??? uh oh, i smell fish far inland. i feel an exorcist moment coming on...

  4. thank you WB... yes... pretty symbolic huh? american flag = faith or vice/versa.... and they are stickers.... slap that puppy on and voila', you now have faith (and are patriotic too!)

  5. I really don't get the whole "protect marriage" thing. How would somebody getting married possibly affect you marriage? And what right do people have to say what you can do if it's not hurting anyone? Sheesh.

    Although I like that reason the earlier poster gave- "Armies of queers invading suburbia, stealing husbands and redecorating while they are there?" LOL! You'd think people would want more redecoration. ;)

    As for those stickers, I bet they're made in China. Just saying.

  6. Arg, I meant, "your". It's late, I can't type.